Spend benefits wisely, Kapiri DEBS advises retired teachers

KAPIRI Mposhi district education board secretary Pauline Muyunda Mooya has urged retired head teachers to spend their retirement packages wisely.

And Mooya has advised retirees to be wary of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Speaking during a farewell party for retired head teachers from different schools in Kapiri Mposhi at Peniel Lodge, Mooya said it was important for retirees to plan for their money.

“Thank you for the years you have served mother Zambia diligently. You rendered a diligent and unbroken service to the government,” Mooya said. “The retirees who have got their dues and even those not paid yet, I urge you to spend your money well . . . I had such a one in Northern Province who retired, after getting his package he went for good; leaving his children and wife. He started spending nights in expensive hotels and married another wife. But when the money finished, the newlywed fled.