Special Letter About Sata

michael c sataI hope you are doing great. I was just reading your article last night, very interesting indeed. I’ve been following the recent events in Zambia, both through the press and by talking to a few politically abreast people over there and I would like to bear witness to the fact that there is actually a faint suggestion- going by a consistent pattern of actions by our president and his team- that they are subtly contemplating turning our country back to a one party state or better still, working tooth and nail to simply weaken the opposition in such a manner that their ruling PF can remain a party that is defeat-proof in the future elections to come- which still comes around to the same thing; an insidious plan to oust political pluralism and democracy as we have come to know it in Zambia.

These events have not come as a surprise to me. I have watched the behavioral pattern and general conduct of King Cobra since my 8th grade and one of the most outstanding features of his persona’, as I came to observe a long time ago, is not only his lack of honesty but also his lack of couth; his lack of refinement and grace, sophistication and delicacy. I’ve always felt as though he was a little too coarse, boorish and crude, a combination of traits that just makes it impossible for him to embrace democratic values.

Now, that character- King Cobra’s character, may have worked for him when he was a tool, when he was operating on directives from someone in a higher office- which explains why he has reputation of being a practical and hardworking man and I agree to this- but unfortunately, that same character cannot work for him as the number one person in the land.

There are people in life, who are such power fanatics that it is dangerous to trust them with the advantage of being the final voice. King Cobra, a.k.a ‘Big Mike’ is one of those people and so is Wynter Kabimba.

When the MMD was formed, I once watched the Sunday Interview program on ZNBC TV, where the then governor of Lusaka, Michael Sata was being interviewed by the late Charles Mando and I remember how Mr Sata was totally opposed to the idea of political pluralism.

He did not want the idea of Democracy, or having more than one political party in Zambia, but of course when UNIP seemed to have met their doom, going by how fast the MMD was gaining ground in Zambia, Mr Sata, for lack of a better term, ‘crawled’ out of his party to join the newly formed MMD where he became one of the main spokespersons at MMD rallies, constantly revealing the KK secrets- including the state house tunnels. He claimed that Dr Kaunda has stolen about $6BN and stashed it away in Swiss Bank accounts, which has not really proved to be true over the years right? Then Mr Sata supported FTJ’s quest for a 3rd.

Well…to cut the long story short, Mr Sata, not only used KK and his son Panji, as a validation voice during his campaign, he now has turned this ‘supposed’ criminal into his best friend. In fact, he honored him by renaming our main airport after the same man in the name of KK being ‘father of the nation’ and trust me, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if only it wasn’t a strategy by ‘Big Mike’, to make a great impression on the Zambian people- much like, wanting to re-introduce the old and failed national service program, doing away with English in schools and replacing it with local languages, forcing millers to reduce mealie meal prices, creating more provinces etc, all in order to gain political capital.

It’s all strategy with big ‘Mike’..and he is the master of his game. In his desperate and elusive quest for plot 1, this man had the audacity to step up to the platform during his campaigns, many times at that and chanted his donchi kebeba slogan, which carried within itself, a promise to totally transform Zambia in three months- and then make every Zambian citizen walk around with money in their pockets.. What a ‘RED FLAG!!!!’..but guess what? It worked!!

The Zambian electorate bought into that sugar-coated promise and elected him president!!!…and then, a year into the aftermath of that promise, when the Zambian people tried to question why they still didn’t have money in their pockets 365 days later, big ‘Mike’ used his tool, well..let me put it like this:
He used a tool that is to him what he was to KK and FTJ- and that tool…is his ‘justice’ minister Wynter Kabimba,..he used ‘It’ to deny on his behalf, all those allegations by the Zambian citizens that the PF promised them money in the pockets in 90 days.

You know what? Sometimes when I look at the political lifestyle that has characterized our country over the years, not that I’ve lost faith in my own country, but I tend to conclude that there is no possibility of a progressive Zambia. I just don’t see in the moral bank accounts of our leadership, the minimum balance of the resource that is a basic key to making sustainable development a possibility in Zambia.

National development is always a result of good planning; coupled with a passion, dedication, integrity, transparency and a deep sense of responsibility in the leadership of a given country about the things they want to develop- That is the totality of the ingredients of ‘development thinking’.

We don’t see that way of doing things amongst our leaders in Zambia. We lie during campaigns while we always have some very bad ulterior motives behind our promises.

We can’t exude any type of truthfulness in our mental and moral dispositions, which really works against us because the architects of the political ideals and philosophies that we have chosen to adopt, where coming from a place of honesty, transparency and truth when they drafted the principles that necessitate a successful pursuit of these political ideologies and unless we are willing to align with their mindsets, we cannot expect ourselves to succeed. We might as well go back to the centralized system of governance, like the Luba-Luba Kingdom.

Our most fundamental flaw in all this; in our failure to yield true success from the practices of democracy in comparison to other countries, lies not in our biological make-up as a people, because as the United States constitution clearly stipulates- “we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal”, as Zambians, we have all the necessary endowments in our mental and physical make-up that we can apply in order to foster our own development,…our most fundamental flaw however, lies in the fact that we have consciously and deliberately refused to embrace the simple but profound insights that can make a democracy work- Truth!!… nothing but simple honesty and good-faith in our general pursuit of life and consequently, in our execution of duty- as a people.

There is no truthfulness in our culture. That is why we have a lot of corruption and a dysfunctional justice system. People do things for the wrong reasons all the time. Greed, wanting to having it all, not even having one thought about what country we will pass on to our children- a responsibility we ultimately owe to them.

We work as hard as possible to hunt down and bring to book, by qualifying as having insulted the president, any person that tries to speak publicly to correct the wrongs of the president. This is the mentality that has lagged us behind as a country and on a much broader spectrum, it is this very mentality that has lagged behind, the continent of Africa in its entirety. It has got to stop.

Whenever a sitting government only allows worship and reverence from its citizens and not constructive criticism, the result of that is a politically repressed citizenry and when the citizens are politically repressed, they cannot give the ruling government the desired feedback on it’s performance through the checks and balances of constructive criticism because these citizens do not only lack the political will and freedom, but also the mental freedoms to express exactly how they feel about the performance of their leaders.

A citizenry carrying these burdens within, cannot find the energy to take risks and try on ventures that can economically develop them individually and then subsequently make that individual development trickle down to developing the entire nation. They are simply a defeated folk.

My greatest hope is that things can take a different turn one day. The people are tired. They have suffered enough. Think of the people who live in rural areas,..can you imagine the level of suffering they have to face everyday? What do these people even wake up to on a day to day basis? What are their hopes and dreams?…and there is simply no one to provide a true voice for them.

Every election, they entrust their socioeconomic fates in the hands of these politicians who do not even care about them once they are elected into office. I pray that God can one day prepare a man with a true and functional mandate to change my country.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Humphrey Malimba.