Sosala masquerading as chief Mwamba – Sata

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says Henry Sosala is masquerading as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama.

President Sata has asked media houses to stop publishing material coming from Sosala because he does not deserve the title of a traditional leader.

President Sata said on Monday that Sosala was not properly installed, hence did not deserve the title of Senior Chief Mwamba.

Sosala is a Post columnist and his articles come out in the Saturday Post insert.

“By copy of this letter, I am demanding that The Post newspapers and other media institutions immediately cease quoting or admitting any material for publication from the said gentleman, under the title of Senior Chief Mwamba until this confusion is sorted out,” stated President Sata in his letter to chiefs and traditional affairs minister Prof Nkandu Luo dated May 6, 2013 and copied to The Post.