Some PF members shun anti-Kabimba’s protest in Luanshya

By a Correspondent

Some Luanshya  constituency Patriotic Front(PF) members shunned  the anti- Wynter Kabimba protests called by the district officials and at Luanshya Civic Centre today grounds on (September 27,2013 ).

The cadres told Zambian Eye this morning that they saw no need to participate in an exercise that is dividing the party.

When contacted for a comment Luanshya PF district Vice  chairman Patrick Maipambe said not all members stayed away from the protests.
“I do not want  to say much, because we can put some people in trouble,” he said.
Some Luanshya constituency PF officials  and ordinary members talked to by Zambian Eye said they did not understand why they should be used to fight battles that they did not understand.
“Why should we  take part  in wars that we do not understand, all we need is to work  together and build the party,”  said one of the party members who  declined to be named.
The members said it was unfortunate that the district executive  committee is also divided over the issue of Kabimba.
“They have even labeled Luanshya constituency as Kabimba’s stronghold,” he added.
And addressing some PF members mostly drawn from Roan constituency which is under Chishimba Kambwili who is also Sports Minister, Luanshya district PF Vice Chairman said  PF cadres were calling for the resignation of Kabimba because he has failed to organize the party.
Maipambe said  Kabimba had failed to organize the party effectively because he was holding two position one as Justice Minister and party Secretary General hence making it difficulty to concentrate on organizing the party effectively.
He  added that the embattled Secretary General had failed to make any appointments from Luanshya district a thing that had annoyed a lot of members in the district
Maipambe  said the PF in Luanshya district have endorsed President Sata as a sole candidate for 2016 general elections.