Sinazongwe expelled MP Siamunene is a hired gun – UPND Copperbelt

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) on the Copperbelt have commended the party for expelling its Sinazongwe Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene describing him as hired gun.

Provincial Chairman Elisha Mutambo said what the party did was for the interest of all members. He said Siamunene is hired gun by ruling PF and its good that he has been shown the door.

“Allowing Siamunene in UPND is like sleeping with a snake in the house, he is a hired gun by PF,” charged Mutambo May 30, 2013 adding that the former law marker should not blame himself and not UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Siamunene has put the blame on HH saying he was the one who orchestrated his expulsion. He accused HH of having ‘ a hard unforgiving heart.’

Reports from Sinazongwe is that the party leadership has received their former MP’s expulsion with joy. Constituency Spokesperson said there was jubiliation in the constituency when the news of Siamunene was received. The Sinazongwe UPND leadership says Siamunene’s expulsion was long over due and that the party has been always ready to meet him during a by-election to prove that he is nobody.

And the Foundation for Democratic Process –FODEP- has welcomed the decision taken by UPND- to expel Siamunene from the party.

FODEP Executive Director, McDonald Chipenzi accused the MPs serving in the government of lacking principles and putting their parties in disrupt. He said the MPs no longer listen to their parties which made them win the seats and have been working against them.

He cited the case of Siamunene who was summoned but opted to snub the party saying he was at faulty for the expulsion because he did not want to dialogue.

The FODEP Executive Director has however bemoaned the number of by-elections the country has gone through which is as a result of the MPs defecting from the party to join the PF. He said it is surprising to see how MPs could sink so low and cause unnecessary by-elections by accepting positions to serve as Deputy Ministers.

Chipenzi has also urged the MPs to stop the thinking that one can only take development if they are government. He said it is the duty of government to take development to all parts of the country regales of the incumbent MP.

The UPND on Wednesday expelled Siamunene and has since written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Patrick Matibini to declare the seat vacant.

Siamunene is the second UPND MP serving in the PF government to be expelled, the other being Greyford Monde.