Sinazongwe DC cautions civic leaders against politics

SINAZONGWE district commissioner Dodo Sindaza has called on civic leaders to stop politicking but instead concentrate on taking development to their areas.

Addressing a meeting at the Lwindi grounds in Sinazongwe, Sindaza said people were waiting to see development in their communities rather than politicking all the time.

“Here in Sinazongwe the roads are bad; from Maamba to Lusaka a bus fare is KR65 but just within the district those travelling from Maamba to Siamaja pay KR70,” he lamented.

“People in Sinazongwe do not have a satellite depot nearby, they have to move all the way to Sinazeze to access one. So if these people keep politicking, then we will never see development,” he warned.

He warned civic leaders in his district to do that which the people elected them for through lobbying government for developmental projects, adding that 2016 was just around the corner for them (politicians) to keep politicking at the expense of development.