Simukanga backs ‘leased out’ Unza land

UNZA Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Simukanga has defended management’s decision to have prime land at the country’s biggest university ‘leased out’ to private investors.

In an interview yesterday Prof Simukanga said that UNZA weighed its options before deciding to start giving out land on lease basis to investors to develop infrastructures such as shopping malls, lodges and hostels among others.

“We looked at the land where we are, it is prime land. It is in the central business district and we looked at how we can generate other resources apart from the grants that we get from government,” he said.

“We came up with a road map on how we can develop it. We have actually demarcated the land into various lots. Some lots are earmarked for student hostiles, expansion of academic units, building more lecture theaters, stuff offices, others lots are for commercial entities where things like students’ centers and shopping malls will be.