Sichinga reshuffled for attempting to reveal CEEC corrupt activities of Sata’s relatives

President Michael Sata transferred Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga because he (Sichinga) tried to implicate Sata’s niece Marble Mungomba to corruption and abuse of office whilst serving as Director General at the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Sources said Mr. Sata is not happy that Mr. Sichinga, whose son is married to the president’s daughter, has been investigating the activities and corruption that took place at CEEC when Sata’s niece Marble was Director.

Yesterday, Mr. Sichinga called for a press briefing and told journalists that a number of former employees and commissioners abused their offices by borrowing money through fronts.

Marble Mungomba, as CEEC Director General authorised Mwame Bus Services owned by her son and nephew to borrow money for setting up the bus company that also became a conduit for sponsoring the PF as an opposition party.