Siavonga Town – the beauty in the Oven

Lake Safari LodgeBy Chimuka Moono Hanyama

Who has ever visited Siavonga in the heart of the valley?

Those of us that have visited the place will quickly remember two things: the place is hot, and it has the most serene beauty along Africa’s largest man made lake, Kariba.

Ingombe Illede

Ingombe Illede

While on the way to Siavonga, one can pass and see the Ing’ombe Ilede, which is just about 1 km off the road.

Lake Safari lodgeSiavonga boasts of some of the most beautiful lodges built along the lake. Most of these lodges were dug and built right on the rocky shores of the lake, thereby giving a stunning and rough background.

Machinchi bay lodgeThese lodges are washed with clean swimming pools, which help swallow the heat of the valley.

Siavonga is well known for its massive boat cruising on the still waters of lake Kariba. The boat cruise can go as far as the islands, which are found within the lake.  While on the boats, you can choose to have cocktails or parties on the water! Boat cruising rejuvenates one’s spirits and heals one from stresses of life and work!

The town is also home to the famous Kariba dam, which is situated on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Dam offers spectacular scenery. It is about 100m deep on one side, while one can touch the water on the other! The dam is also a cause of stare when the spillway gates are opened to ease off the pressure of the full Zambezi River.

Siavonga also has massive number of crocodile farms, which keep a lot of alligators of all sizes. These reptiles can be seen at a nearer glance, although it’s a danger to touch them! The sand beach found along the lake offers an opportunity to relax while playing volleyball or beach soccer!

Those of us that love the rocky and hilly landscape will find it fascinating in Siavonga. Even amidst the heat the place is subjected to during the hot dry season, its touristic beauty is still outstanding. Even without massive marketing, its potential is resoundingly high. Even though it is found right in the heart of the Gwembe Valley, tourists will find Siavonga a serene and soul healing place.


With its warm weather, rocky and hilly terrains, Siavonga can only be compared to Zanzibar.