Sianjoka cautions Sinazongwe residents on politicians seeking jobs

CHAMPABULIME Sianjoka of Siameja village has cautioned Sinazongwe residents to be wary of politicians who want jobs at the expense of development.

In an interview, Sianjoka said mixing PF and UPND was like adding sugar to sand in terms of development because Sinazongwe was underdeveloped due to politicians who did not have a heart for the people.

”These political players are busy politicking when people are sleeping on empty stomachs. Sinazongwe Constituency is vast but only has 12 hand pumps, out of which four are operational; we are drinking dirty water,” he said.

“Others from Siampondo walk long distances to access medical attention because of the bad road, yet people still want to politic.”

He said it was wrong for some people to continue blackmailing the country that Southern Province was inclined to one political party.

Sianjoka said political arguments about who was popular or not in Sanazongwe would not help anyone because people needed development more than ever.