Siamunene says not worried about statements from UPND leadership in Lusaka

SINAZONGWE UPND member of parliament Richwell Siamunene says he is not worried about statements coming from the party leadership in Lusaka because they are not voters in his constituency.

And Itezhi-Tezhi UPND member of parliament Greyford Monde says the proposed UPND-MMD pact is a trial and error.

Commenting on UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba’s statement that the UPND would expel him from the party because the provincial, district and constituency leadership had recommended so, Siamunene said such a decision was expected from the beginning.

“It was expected from the beginning that they will make such a decision. So, obviously, I am not very much worried when a statement comes from the people in Lusaka, who are not voters in Sinazongwe. I am not shaken. I am just concentrating on contributing to the nation, that is my focus now, to see what we can do for the people of Sinazongwe and the nation at large,” he said.