Siabutuba lauds Scott’s call for hard work in civil service

FORMER Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) board chairman Partner Siabutuba says that civil servants must realise that they are instruments of development.

Commenting on Vice-President Dr Guy Scott’s statement that the government would not tolerate civil servants who fail to implement its developmental policies, Siabutuba said it was through civil servants that the government would realise its policies to bring about development and improvement in the lives of the people.

“You have the party and government which is a hardware if you like and the civil service is a software; this is where things are happening, so if there is no activity in the civil service, you can imagine what sort of service people are going to have. The Vice-President was just on the spot in making this indication that the civil service must perform so that government is going to fulfill its obligations to the citizen,” Siabutuba said.