Siabutuba implores youths to be useful

YOUTH Development Organisation executive director Partner Siabutuba has implored young people in the country to take advantage of the government’s political will in youth leadership by being useful.

In an interview, Siabutuba said the PF and its government had given a lot of leadership positions to the youth to serve at various levels and advised them not jeopardise their opportunities by allowing political parties to use them in perpetrating violence.

“For a long time now we have not seen youths take up leadership positions like we are seeing today. Most of our youths have been given jobs in foreign missions which is a plus to our generation. So youths should not shoot themselves in the foot by being disorderly,” Siabutuba advised.

And Siabutuba urged youths in the country to fully participate in the Mpongwe and Livingstone by-election by electing leaders of their choice.