Show goers disppointed with level of exhibition at Trade Fair

Ndola residents have called on the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry to revitalise the Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) annual exhibition in Ndola.

ZANIS Ndola reports that various show goers expressed disappointment at the level of exhibition at the international annual event.

Mervin Mwape, a resident of Ndola, said the ZITF has deteriorated over the years in comparison to when it started.

Mr Mwape observed that most of the companies that exhibit are fond of only displaying IEC materials as opposed to showcasing what they do.

“Most of the companies that are displaying only bring brochures here. Trade fair has changed from the way it used to be. In the past we used to have companies showcasing what they do. Now what is happening is that they just display materials showing what they do,” he said.

Another show goer, Miriam Zulu, advised the ZITF management to put up standards for exhibitors especially companies to adhere to before they are allowed to exhibit.

“The only way the trade fair will get back to what it used to be is for management to put up measures that all companies have to adhere to. There are just too many fliers nowadays,” she said.

She further advised the entertaining unit to put in more effort in ensuring that show-goers are entertained.

Ms Zimba recalled that in the past international musicians used to be brought to perform at the ZITF, a trend which she said must be re-introduced.