Shoprite can leave if it can’t pay – State House

…Shoprite fires over 3000 of its striking Workers

Shoprite Checkers can leave Zambia if it is not ready to follow labour laws, State House has charged.

And Shoprite has fired all it’s over 3000 workers in it’s outlets across the country who have been striking demanding that they be paid according to the reversed minimum wage.

Reacting to Shoprite’s decision to fire over 3000 of its workers, State House Permanent Secretary Kaizer Zulu said the PF government will not compromise with Shoprite. He said Shoprite must respect the law by meeting the minimum wage provision which is law of the country.

The State House Permanent Secretary said Shoprite has to either respect the law or leave the country. He said it is just fair that the South African owned Chain store shares much of its profits by paying workers reasonably.

Zulu also said the government is saddened by Shoprite’s decision to fire the Workers, a move he says will not be accepted.