‘Shangombo will remember Sata for national grid’

SHANGOMBO’s Kalongola ward councillor Imbula Sinyinda says people in the district will remember President Michael Sata in 2016 elections once he connects the district to the national grid.

And Sinyinda says hunger is looming in the area because of the poor rain pattern which the area experienced.

In an interview yesterday, Sinyinda commended President Micheal Sata for taking development to Shangombo.

He said if the district gets connected to the national grid, most places like Sioma and Kalongola would benefit.

“Power is one thing that will bring about development in the area, we would like to thank President Sata for that,” Sinyinda said. “This is development which will make us remember President Sata in 2016. We will remember him if he manages to connect us to national grid so that we also see what is happening in the country.