Shamenda, Sakeni grab Palabana land as Katele threatens shamenda

A new scam in which PF Ministers continue to enrich themselves has been unearthed in Palabana where President Sata recently launched the Pabana dairy based University. The prime land which surrounds Palabana, which is state land, has been shared amongst Ministers led by Fuckson Shamenda and Kennedy Sakeni. A number of party officials have been seen in the area over the last few months “patrolling” pointing at huge expands of land. Surveyors have later been seen in the areas and when confronted have said they have special instructions. This situation is being facilitated by Ministry of Lands through a fast track process that will see Palabana loose the much needed land for such a University. In the meantime Palabana has been advised to look for more land elsewhere where the students can be having practicals, a situation that does not make sense.