Shamenda justifies government revocation of RB’s passport

Government has expressed disappointment with former President, Rupiah Banda, for continuing to shield his children from facing the law for suspected wrongdoing.

Reacting to a statement from Rupiah Banda that he will never allow his ‘fugitive’ son to come to Zambia.

Acting Minister of Information Fackson Shamenda, said the former President’s utterances vindicates government’s decision to cancel his passport so that he does not evade justice like his son.

Shamenda who is also labour Minister said it is unfortunate and unacceptable for a former Head of State who swore to uphold the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia to issue such a statement.

He alluded that Banda, while serving in office, had two laws to govern the country, one for his family and another for other citizens.

The Acting Chief Government Spokesperson said what was happening to Banda’s children was not persecution but justice which provides that all are equal before the law.

Shamenda reiterated that government respects the rule of law and will not interfere with the operations of law enforcement agencies in the investigations and prosecution of the former Head of State and his children suspected of wrongdoing.