Shamenda appeals to miners and Zambians not to panic over KCM intention to lay off 2000 miners

LABOUR and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has appealed to miners and Zambians not to panic over reports that Konkola Copper Mines(KCM) intends to lay off 2000 miners.
Mr Shamenda said the law was very clear on procedures to be followed before any company could lay off workers and these procedures had not been exhausted in the case of Konkola Copper Mines.
KCM had informed government about its intentions to retrench but the matter had not been concluded.
It was a requirement that employers first engage the unions on their intentions and thereafter engage the government. So far, all these processes had not been exhausted by KCM.
Mr Shamenda said to this end, no miner would be laid off at KCM.
Government had stepped in and was engaging KCM management and the unions to look at the reasons behind the proposal to retrench miners.
Mr Shamenda assured the miners and the nation that it would take care of their interests and no Zambian would unnecessarily lose employment.