Separating from Zambia is on course – Barotse Activists

The Barotse National Youth League (BNYL) says it is happy that the African Commission on Human and People’s Right has  finally heard their complained against the Zambian government for violating their rights.

BNYL National Publicity Secretary Ndonji Mutondo said the Commission has heard their appeal and has established a prima facie case against the Zambian government for violating their rights which is guaranteed under the African charter.

Mutondo said in a statement on Thursday evening that the letter was however hiden from the people by the Indunas at Namuso stating that even the two months period also elapsed. He has however called on the Barotse’s not to worry about the two months ultimatum as everything  has been tackled and sealed.

He added that its the Zambian government who are occupying the regime to prepare as  the case between the people of Barotseland verses Zambia has been registered and everything is on course.

Mutondo has also appealed to the youths and people of Barotse to be calm and handle the case with case  to avoid tarnishing its image to the international community.

He contended that the movement is still committed to its stance of peaceful disengagement with Zambia as explained by Ngambela and will not throw any stone or anything to anyone.