Seek democratic means to replace this failed govt – HH

UPND strongman Hakainde Hichilema has charged that President Michael Sata has failed to run the country and has asked Zambians not to lose hope but seek a democratic way to replace him when time comes.

Speaking on Let The People Talk programme on Radio Phoenix Tuesday morning, May 14, 2013, Hichilema said the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) duped the people and continue deceiving them. He told the people that the country had better leadership to stir the country to prosperity.

“Our hearts are with you, please under stand people don’t lose hope,” pleaded Hachilema.

He said the 90 days slogan was a fallacy but said he was happy that Sata and PF had been given chance to governor so that people can see their failures.

HH wondered where the 200, 000 jobs PF claims they have created. He said It is sad that the deception ‘donch kubeba’ has continued.

There is no leadership capable of creating jobs in the PF saying their concern was to fatten their belly as Veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe said. HH said President Sata should have fired Munkombwe for the careless statement.

“When I said PF went into government without a plan people where saying what is this gentleman saying. I saw this and people are agreeing with me” said HH

A minibus driver who identfied himself as Chintu from the Kapoto township in Kitwe on the Copperbelt province charged that Sata deceived the people. He complained that poverty levels in the Copperbelt were so alarming adding that Sata had failed to live upto his promises.

“Ifintu tafili bwino ba president kuno? Ba President (HH) mutwebele ko ba Sata ifwe tatulebafwaya kuno ku migodi bakale fye uko kulusaka. Ba Sata balitubepa babufi sana. Mubeba ati amano ba kwata yabi. (Mr. President (HH) things are not okay here. President (HH) tell (Mr) Sata we don’t want him here, he should just stay there in Lusaka. Mr. Sata lied to us he is big liar. Tell him that his thinking is very bad,” complained Chintu.

Chintu said minibus drivers wanted to increase bus fares after fuel went but government opposed the move making their work difficult. He complained about high prices in food commodities, poor roads and lack of medicines like ARVs in hospitals.

The Kitwe Minibus driver urged HH to remain strong and invited him to the Copperbelt so that they can show him how the people are suffering. He regretted voting for PF and vowed never again to allow himself to be cheated.

In response HH assured Chintu and the people of the Copperbelt Province that his party understood the problems they were going through under the reign of the incompetent PF regime. He promised that he will be going to the Copprebelt province to meet the people.

Asked to comment on the Euro bond, HH described it as a scam.

“Euro Bond is a scam, this kaloba is a scam,” charged HH.

He said that PF borrowed money without a clear plan on how to use it.

“You don’t go and borrow money for consumption,” HH said. ” You borrow Kaloba (debt) for Clive (Chirwa) to rent a house at K70million, rentals do not generate money. This is typical of PF taking us back to a debt trap which we worked so hard to clear. PF are in deep waters.”

HH said the PF had not originated a manifesto they understood that would address the problems the country was facing. He said there was no clear policy by PF on how to governor the country.

“When you hear UPND is offering free education, you copy and paste it in your manifesto when you are given a mandate you fail to implement because you don’t understand,” charged HH.

He said there is total confusion in PF where Ministers issue contradicting statements. This is in reference to Agriculture Minister Robert Schinga who recently announced a ban on maize export and the following day the direction was reversed by Acting President Edgar Lungu. He says UPND is offering a clear plan on how to create jobs and grow the economies.

HH urged Zambians to firmly reject the move by PF to take the country to a one-party-state. He said what is important now is to understand that President Sata and his PF has failed to run the country and needed to be replaced when elections are called by a competent team.

“Let us all unite around a clear policy for social and economic development,” appealed HH.

The UPND leader condemned the by-elections which he says are being initiated by the PF with a view of attaining majority in Parliament at the expense of directing resources to needy sectors that would direct benefit the people.