Scott urges revisiting of traditional land, boundaries

VICE-President Guy Scott says it is time the country revisited the issue of traditional land and its boundaries.

And Vice-President Scott (left) says the PF government inherited a system which was full of rats and mice.

Paying a courtesy call on chief Nkole of the Swaka people in Kapiri Mposhi yesterday, Vice-President Scott said Zambia risked finding itself in a situation like Zimbabwe in terms of land.

“The issue of land has financial value. That is why there are issues of encroachment everywhere. It is time we revisited the whole question of traditional land because land is becoming valuable. So, there are so many disputes everywhere,” he said.

And Vice-President Scott in response to chief Nkole’s statement that there were no medicines in health centres in his chiefdom, said he understood why that was the case.

“This is strange.