Scott: The Chap RB Can Flee the Nation Like His Fugitive Son Has done


VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott has defended the cancellation of Rupiah Banda’s passport because the ‘chap’ can disappear.
Vice-President Scott said the government didn’t want to look stupid if Banda disappeared from Zambia like his son Henry.
“The problem that we have is that we have a chap Banda who is facing charges” we have a chap whose son is being sought by the police for the last 18 to 20 months and has not appeared in Zambia and has not answered any callout. They have not even made his whereabouts known. Do you consider them a flight risk or not? I think it is only reasonable to say let us think about this thing and let us not let him disappear or go and start campaigning against us from outside like he is doing with Robert Amsterdam. They go to South Africa in order to hold a press conference against the PF. Or they write articles in newspapers against the PF in America,” he said.
“We must take all factors into consideration.