Scott continues pouring scorn on South Africa, say Kwacha is better than Rand

The Zambian Kwacha has continued to perform much better than the South African Rand, vice-President Guy Scott told Parliament on Friday in his continued pouring of scorn on Africa’s biggest economy. A few months Scott ago, Scott said South Africans are backward.
Addressing the Zambian Parliament  during the vice-president’s  ’question and answer’ session,  Scott told parliament that  the Zambian Kwacha this week was buying US$1 at K5.4 while monthly inflation at the end of June stood at 7. 3, which represents a negligible and manageable 0. 3 percent rise.
The South African rand on the other hand traded at 10.15 against US$1 yesterday on the open market, which is much higher than the Zambian Kwacha is performing on the same market.