Schinga threatens to drag HH to Court

Bob Schinga

Bob Schinga

Agriculture Minister Bob Schinga has threatened to drag opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to court over his allegations that importation of fertilizer was marred with corruption.

Hichelema popularly known as HH says procedure was not followed in purchasing Fertilizer and alleged that the commodity price was inflated. He also accused the Ministry of Agriculture of having single sourced contrary to the law.

“We are aware as UPND that the prevailing market price of top dressing fertilizer at the time of procurement was US$330 while the Minister of Agriculture Bob Sichinga informed the nation that government purchased fertilizer from Saudi Arabia at a price of US$388 (Post Newspaper -17 October, 2013).  So for 50,000 tonnes government has overpaid by US$2,900,000,” said HH adding that this was a clear waste of public resources and possible theft.

But Schinga told reacted saying HH had defamed him as an Individual and the Ministry of Agriculture. Schinga said the UPND leader will have to prove the allegations in Court.