Schinga just talks, we headed for diseaster, warns Ng’ona

We recognize that you have been speaking the loudest four months ago on the Agriculture sector policy which is non existent.

This is October and the fertilizer, seeds and other farming inputs have not yet been delivered to the farmer. Your so called voucher system to distribute these inputs has failed to even start while still on the drawing board.

Now it is rumored that you are part of illegal dealings trying to enrich yourself.

The government sold a lot of maize to neighboring countries without considering the fact that we had a poor harvest last year. Believe me you we are headed for a disaster ,come mid next year we might need to import maize.

How to do it the UPND way

The majority of our people are small scale farmers who live in rural areas. Subsiding their farming is the only way of alleviating poverty in these areas. the way forward is to revive the co-operatives in the rural areas.

This should be managed by traditional leaders in conjunction with the agricultural extension officers.

In addition to restoring the number of fertilizers for basal and for top dressing and providing seed to the farmer. The distribution of these and inputs for other crops should be accompanied by agriculture extension officer educating the farmer the best farming practices and how to run farming as a business. Kenneth

Ng’ona – UPND President Youth League