Scanty, dodgy and finger pointing explanations of PF bloody violence

It is very unfortunate the entire PF, government and Zambia police have taken a casual approach in responding to the violence that rocked their party where some lives were reportedly lost.

The statements by Vice president Guy Scot in Parliament, Home Affairs Minister Edger Lungu and Zambia Police Spokesperson leave much to be desired and are lacking inspiration and assurance that government, Zambia Police and the Patriotic Front are sincerely addressing the situation with the importance it deserves.

The mercenaries that waged war on each other within PF are definitely strategizing on other means and ways of either revenge or infringing more pain on those wounded in the fracas.

Police are supposed to be proactive and not reactive in responding to such serious national security concerns regardless of who is involved.

Likewise, government especially vice president Guy Scott who is politician number two in the ruling party, Home Affairs minister Edger Lungu and Police must not engage in finger pointing and blaming the opposition MMD in the fracas that rocked PF.

Guy Scott must realize that even a kindergarten child can easily relate the “killings and violence” to the factional rift within the ruling PF and avoid embarrassing himself like that in Parliament.

We seek to see professionalism in the manner Zambia Police handles this callous and hideous act unlike the amateur approach they took in another gruesome murder during the Livingstone by-election where PF murdered its cardre from Monze and they blamed UPND and fallaciously charged innocent citizens.

This is a wake-up call to all Zambians what sort of a ruling party, government, police service, men and women we have at the helm of our affairs as a country.
PF, government and police have elected to take an unfussy approach to serious national security concerns just because they are in the corridors of power now.

They must realize that their positions are not permanent and this unfortunate precedence they are setting will backfire on them soon.

Concerned Citizen