Sata’s UPND MPs in Western province panic, as by-elections looms

As by-elections looms in Sinjembela and Kalabo Central where two Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament (MPs) have been appointed into government, there are reports of the duo panicking.

The UPND, according to insiders have now resolved to flash out the two MPs after wining the Lukulu West by-elections. The party feels it can comfortably retain the two seats and send a warning message to other MPs planning to join the PF government.

The two MPs, Poniso Njeulu and Chinga Miyutu for Sinjembela and Kalabo Central respectively have been in their constituencies busy preparing the grounds for the impending by-elections.

The duo are also backed up with government media propaganda to try and show that their decision to join government has been well received and will benefit their constituencies. So far ZNBC, a government owned and controlled Television has run a documentary on Sinjembela twice on its prime slot.

Njeulu has been going round assuring the people of Shangombo district that government will complete all the developmental projects which were being carried out in the area.

While his Kalabo Central counterpart is going round telling the people that his move to join government is intended for him to develop the constituency. He has been telling electorates who voted for him as an opposition MP that he can only develop the area if he is in government.

President Michael Sata recently flew to Shan’gombo to launch a hospital and while their he directed that the district be connected to hydro power. The has also told the nation that he will develop areas where there are PF MPs.