Sata’s refusal to commission projects sign of bad leadership, pettiness – Fr. Bwalya

President Michael Sata’s growing habit of abandoning the commissioning of national projects at the last minute on flimsy reasons should be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians, opposition Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Fr. Frank Bwalya has charged.

Fr. Bwalya said the idea of abandoning commissioning of projects at the last minute is unbecoming behavior which he says is costing the country huge sums of money at the expensive of important public services including provision of medicines and ARVs.

“As ABZ we wish to remind Mr. Sata that Zambians are not foolish. They know that a lot of communication and co-ordination takes place before the President gets to the scene of commissioning a project,” Fr. Bwalya charged in a statement to Zambian Eye.  ” Various government officials from concerned ministries including staff from State House and state security wings are involved in ensuring that the event is properly organized and meets the unique taste of the President.”
The ABZ leader says against this background, President Sata’s concerns about how the event is planned should be addressed before he agrees to commission any project.

“However, the fact that he has been allowing the state to spend a lot of money on moving him from State House to the scene of the event only to go and display his anger is a mark of bad leadership on his part,” Fr. Bwalya charged.

“The logic here is simple namely that if the master doesn’t like salt in his food he should tell the chef before the meal is put on the table and everyone is ready to serve him. A master who refuses to eat his food in the manner Mr. Sata has been doing it will be feared but not respected. His chefs will give him names such as “Kafwita” adds Fr. Bwalya who heavily campaigned for Sata and PF in the 2011 elections.

Fr. Bwalya says President Sata must stop being petty and save himself from unnecessary embarrassment. He says President Sata should know that things can’t be perfect.

“Mistakes will always be there but the excuses he has been giving are childish and they can’t be justified. The only reason why some ministers and other government officials have been parroting Mr. Sata’s excuses and justifying his bad behavior is fear of losing their jobs,” said Fr. Bwalya.
Against this background, he says, ”I wish to assure Zambians that when they give me the honour to serve them as Republican President in 2016 I will allow ministers and other government officials to enjoy intellectual freedom to advise and correct me without fearing of losing their jobs.

“This is one reason that will make me a loved and respected President. I will not be a “Chumbumunshololwa”, a crooked sweet potato that can be straightened.”

President Sata on Saturday refused to commission the Kasisi, Ngwerere Road after flying there saying it was poorly organized. This is the third time the President has refused to commission a project after going to the site.