Sata’s presidency is more personal desire fulfilment than national service

By Chinoda Ngwira
Dear Editor,
It is rather saddening to note that people have chosen to believe that Michael Sata ascended to power to offer service to the Zambian masses who unknowingly voted for him, it is also disheartening to see that Sata is failing to admit that there are no leadership qualities in him, especially the Presidency of the Republic, Sata must realise that he may fool a few individuals who have chosen to boot lick him as a way of filling their bellies, and not all of us, he must know the FACT that he is only popular to the few USEFUL IDIOTS and not many of us.
Firstly, let me remind Zambians that Sata’s schemes of becoming a Head of State started way back in the Kaunda error, the man was so determined with his evil intentions to become President hence stopping at nothing but desperately making certain selfish decisions including betrayal and cheating, his evil determination made him to start being a double tongued person to both KK and FTJ, for instance, he would go to First President Kenneth Kaunda (KK) and pretend to be good and to be on his side during the fall of UNIP, the same was with Second president Frederick Chiluba (FTJ), he would pretend to be a good person to Chiluba so that he is in between waiting for the results of which side the coin would be.
When Sata realised that the big man was losing his ground, he finally chose to be instrumental to the change of government in 1991-1992 which we appreciate, ‘but’, he ditched bamudala ba KK, not in good faith, but just for his benefits, and surely the benefits he wanted where there, he rose through the ranks in the MMD and cabinet respectively, he made sure he was a very good man to FTJ in the quest of securing plot one, that is why when there was an issue of the THIRD TERM, Sata supported Chiluba vehemently, he passionately supported him just to deceive FTJ to believe he was with him when infact he had a trick of making Chiluba appoint him as right candidate to take over the presidency because he(Sata) knew the Zambian people would never accept the issue of the THIRD TERM. Unfortunately, FTJ was more clever than Sata, he knew Sata’s support was not genuine, and Chiluba preferred Levy of the Cobra.
To make Zambians realise that what am saying is not just mare politics, when Levy was chosen to take over from FTJ, Sata was frustrated and he left the MMD and joined the Patriotic Front which Edwin Lifwekelo and a few individuals formed when Sata was still in MMD. He was welcomed in the PF, and as usual, he made sure he become the leader of the party he did not form, and so he become the candidate in the 2001 elections where he lost lamentably.
Like i said earlier, Sata’s ego was to become President, he started fishing out everyone he thought was a threat to his ambitions and he made sure he was made to be the founder and owner of the PF when infact not, he made sure he lied to the Zambian people in the 10 YEARS he was in opposition, and finally he made it to be President of Zambia on lies.
Zambians, this is not the man we can trust, no matter what, he is not a person whom we can call our leader who will give us the service we need, he is there to only fulfill his ego and ambition of becoming President of the Republic, he does not care where pf goes after him, where Zambian goes after him, that is why we are in deep trouble in terms of governance under Sata and the pf. May God bless Zambians