Sata’s Deputy Minister Miles Sampa defends Students’ protests

Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson for Commerce, Miles Sampa, said the government took the right decision in removing the subsidy because it was not benefiting the ordinary Zambians.

Commenting the removal of the subsidy, Sampa who is also Commerce Deputy Minister said the PF established that the programme was only
benefiting the business people who were reaping big from it. He said government has heard the cries of the people but is looking at ways to cushion the effect the removal of the subsidy has brought on the poor Zambians.

The Deputy Minister has defended students’ protests over the removal of subsidy. The Matero parliamentarian said protest and demonstrations are good because they help to bring out issues people are aggrieved of to the attention of relevant authority.

There has been massive outcry from the public after government decide to remove the subsidy on maize barely a month after it also removed the subsidy on fuel.

Students from all the three public university universities, the University of Zambia [UNZA], Copperbelt University [CBU], and Mulungushi University yesterday staged protests again the decision.

Meanwhile, the PF Central Committee was expected to meet this weekend and one of the subjects to discus will be the removal of subsidy which has generated protests from students, and various stakeholders.

The Committee which is chaired by the President Sata is however not expected to reserve the decisions looking at the supporting statements
the president, senior government including the party have issued to defend the move.