Sata’s booing at AU bad for Zambia’s image-UPND

The opposition UPND has charged that the booing suffered by President Michael Sata at the Africa Union youth summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is bad for Zambia’s international image.
President Sata was on Friday booed at the AU meeting when he addressed youths attending the event after he spontaneously broke into uncoordinated commentary.
UPND Vice President Canisius Banda said it was not Michael Sata that was booed. It was Zambia.
Dr Banda added, “It was us as a people that were booed! Sata is our mirror.”
He said the Addis Ababa fiasco is a reminder of the country’s need to urgently change and seriously improve its image.
Dr Banda continued, “The booing of our head of state by non-Zambians is vital feedback for which we ought to be grateful. The message is that Zambia in its current state is offensive to the rest of Africa.”
Some journalists covering the summit expressed shock with President Sata’s behaviour especially that he kept referring to the AU as the OAU.