Sata to give jobs to many unemployed Chinese

President Michael Sata has disclosed that he intends to bring many Chinese to build the University in Chalimbana in Chongwe District.
The President who recently was in China for a state visit told the people in Chongwe that China just like Zambia is also faced with the challenge of unemployment. He said his government will want to help the people of China who are grappling with unemployment by bringing them in numbers to build the University.
President Sata was speaking on Friday, May 3, 2013 in Chongwe when he launched the 61km multi million Kwacha rebased Chalimbana-Lwimba-Katoba road project in Chongwe east of Lusaka.
While in opposition, President Sata had promised that he will not allow Chinese coming into the country to do the jobs that can be done by Zambians.