Sata slowly side-lines his Press Aid George Chellar for selling information

President Michael Sata has slowly side-lined his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations George Chellar for leaking and selling information to undesirable elements and childish behaviour.

Sources at State House have disclosed to the Watchdog that young George Chellar was fond of leaking and at times literally selling sensitive information for cash to outsiders such as Fred Mmembe and his clique of Wynter Kabimba and Mutembo Nchito.

Insiders say each time some personal friends and allies that are perceived to enemies to the Mmembe clique went to see the president, Chellar would immediately alert the Mmembe group about their presence at State House.

“Can you imagine there are some people the president has known and worked with for a long time under the Frederick Chiluba administration who are still enemies to Mr. Mmembe and group.