Sata says he has ‘no brains’ because he’s ‘not a thief’

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says he has “no brains” because he is “not a thief”.

And newly-appointed commerce deputy minister, Richwell Siamunene, who is also Sinazongwe UPND member of parliament says he would have been dead by now because some UPND officials threatened him for taking a minister to his constituency last week.

But UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has described Siamunene’s action to join government as political misconduct.

Speaking at State House yesterday when he swore in Dr Effron Lungu as foreign affairs minister, Dr Rowland Msiska as Secretary to the Cabinet, Robert Kamalata as senior private secretary in the office of the Vice-President and Siamunene, President Sata said even his record showed that he had not been to prison for stealing but for defending people’s rights.

“Gentlemen, you started from somewhere, they call you names and if what they are calling you is not something for you to worry, continue with what you are doing.