Sata rebukes foreign affairs minister Effron Lungu

Republican President Michael Sata has rebuked Foreign Affairs Minister,Effron Lungu for writing him a letter and copying it to Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Margaret Miyoba.
Speaking when he swore-in during Kaizer Zulu as State House Permanent Secretary this morning, Mr. Sata said he was very disappointed when he received a letter from the Foreign Affairs Minister which was also copied to the Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary.
“How can someone write a letter to me and copy it to other people, that is not right!” Mr Sata noted.
Mr. Sata said he did not even read the letter because there was no need of reading it when other people had read its contents.
The President said he has served in various governments before and has never seen a minister writing a letter to the President and copying it to other people such as Permanent Secretaries or any other person.