Sata praised for ordering erecting of mausoleum at FTJ’s grave

Chirundu MMD District Secretary Gift Chanda has commended President Micheal Chilufya Sata for his directing Works and Supply Minister to immediately erect a mausoleum on Second president Frederick Chiluba’s grave at Embassy Park.

Speaking in an interview, Chanda who is also the former Chirundu Area Councilor said, it is very unfortunate that, it took his the President to issue directives to erect the mausoleum and maintenance of the grave when all these responsibilities falls under the Ministry of Works and Supply.

“It is the responsibilities of the Minister of Works and Supply and why should the Minister wait for instructions from the Head of State for him to carry out certain functions?” Chanda asked.

“We have two graves for the late former presidents and why should the other grave be maintained clean and the other grave for FTJ remains dirty with dry flowers and grass? The late president did a lot for this great nation Zambia, therefore, he needs respect and honor. As MMD in Chirundu, we are very happy about the president’s directives to have a mausoleum erected at his grave, Chanda said.

Meanwhile, a family member to the former late president who works in Chirundu and also an administrator when contacted said the Chiluba family were grateful to President Sata.

“This shows that, President Sata’s friendship with Dr.Chiluba was not in vain. As family members, we are very happy for the president’s directives to have a mausoleum erected at the former president’s grave,” she said. I am also appealing to His Excellency the president Mr.Micheal Chilufya Sata to help reconciling my families. Since passing on of the late president, the family has been divided into two camps and Iam finding it very difficult to do my administrative work as an administrator. I know the president is a man of wisdom he will come in and assist my family which is currently divided.”