Sata on bloody violence in his party: Tells cadres to do what they did already

After three days of silence following a bloody clash between warring factions of his Patriotic Front party, President Michael Sata has finally spoken out advising the cadres against being violent.

President Sata said the Youths should follow the the process by appealing to the disciplinary committee if at all they were aggrieved by anything.

But some weeks ago the party factions aggrieved petitioned the party and the matter was brought before the Central Committee which President Chairs. He promised that he was going to handle the matter.

After being quite despite the a death and injuries that resulted as two factions clashed, Sata spoke yesterday and said: “My advice to them is to say there is a disciplinary procedure which they can follow. They should stop the violence because ‘chabwela pa munzako, mailo chili pali iwe’.”

President Sata also asked the Police to act on cadres fanning violence.

Political commentators including the opposition have put the blame for Thursday’s violence on the shoulders of President Sata whom they accuse of having failed to provide leadership and stop the fighting in his party.