Sata now says Zambia has alot to learn from China

President Sata with Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao at State-House

President Sata with Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Zhou Yuxiao at State-House

President Micheal Sata has said that Zambia has alot to learn from China’s growing economy. The Zambian leader who is on State visit to that country said this when he arrived in China April 4, 2013.

Sata as an opposition leader was critical of China and he denounced the Zambian government for having created close links to that country. In 2006 on the eve of the elections, he threatened to get rid of the Chinese whom he accused of mistreating Zambian workers and doing jobs that are suppose to be done by local people.

The opposition leader then could not take the truth on the ground that there was no country in the world that could avoid cooperating with China because of its fastest growing economy.

He became so prominent on his score of denouncing the Chinese investment to Africa and aligned himself with the Taiwanese. Some countries especially in the West that were threatened with the influence of China in Africa saw Sata as an ally. There were reports actually to the effect that Sata and his PF party were backed by Britain and US in the 2011 tripartite elections.

There were fears among the Chinese when Sata was declared winner of elections in 2011 as the country has alot of investment in the country.

To the surprise of many, the first meeting Sata had after being sworn in was with the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia. He later held feast for the Chinese business community living in Zambia. Sata’s PF party leaders including Republican Vice president later visited the Chinese ruling party to see how the two parties can enhance cooperation.

Today, April 6, 2013 President Sata is expected to have bilateral talks with  Chinese President Xi Jinping in Sanya, a city located in Southern part of China.

This visit where President Sata is accompanied by key Ministers – Alexander Chikwanda for Finance, Effron Lungu for Foreign Affairs, and Emmanuel Chenda for Commerce is expected to yield many bilateral agreements between the two countries.

President Sata is now facing reality, a number of things he opposed is exactly what he is doing. The events of his ascendency to power and the last one and half year of his presidency has shown that while others say he cheated his way to power using ignorance of the people.