Sata Not for Constitution Dialogue – Pukuta Mwanza

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza says President Michael Sata has been shunning the three church mother bodies in their attempt to meet him over pressing national matters.

Rev. Mwanza said the church mother bodies had written to President Sata on several occasions but the Head of State has always ignored them.

He said that shunning dialogue was closing the President to the reality on the ground about the growing discontent with his government.

Mwanza said the level of arrogance President Sata was showing had the capacity to bring him down.

“We have made several attempts to request a meeting with President Sata or acting President Alexander Chikwanda but there has been no response. We have written a lot of letters but the President has simply ignored us,” he said.

“It is our prayer that in this jubilee year out President may promote a spirit of dialogue not only with the church but also leaders of opposition political parties, academia, trade unions, and civil society and student bodies to ensure that important matters like the constitution are resolved.”

Rev Mwanza added: “Government needs to create a platform for dialogue among stakeholders to ensure that we continue enjoying the peace that our country is known for.”

Source : Zambia Reports

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