Sata May Depart to South Africa for Treatment

President Michael Sata is expected to leave the country for medical treatment abroad this evening, a State House source tells Zambia Reports.

The source says that President Sata is likely to fly by Presidential Chopper to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe en route to South Africa.

The source said that the Zimbabwean route had been chosen to avoid being detected at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka if he had used the Presidential Challenger jet to fly there.

The reason for the travel is that the President has been having problems with his throat after an operation.

“If he is well enough to travel tonight, he is expected to leave by chopper to Zimbabwe then proceed from there. It has to do with issues relating to cancer of the throat,” the source said.

President Sata has failed to appear at a number of recent public events due to health concerns, including a Central Committee meeting of the Patriotic Front party and a campaign rally in Mangango. When he did appear for a swearing in ceremony on July 30, the state broadcaster ZNBC was obligated to mute his voice, which has allegedly been severely damaged by his condition.

Another source close to the administration says that State House is under pressure to be ready for the opening of parliament, so it is hoped that with an extra round of treatment, President Sata can be g enough to appear in the ceremony. Vice President Guy Scott has been secretly given the instruments of the presidency, the source says, and is the one receiving the briefings from OP on behalf of Sata. If the president is still too unwell to open parliament, the source says their plan is to temporarily hand over power to an Acting President to open parley, and later return power to Sata – a move which is fraught with controversy and constitutional issues.

Source : Zambia Reports

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