Sata is toying with people over constitution – FDD

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has charged that President Michael Sata is toying with the people on the constitution making process.

This week President Sata ordered government officials not to discuss the ongoing constitution making process. He directed government officials to ignore those talking about the new constitution saying the country had a functioning constitution.

But FDD has strongly condemned the Head of State.

Below is a statement by FDD.

We are extremely disappointed with the statement by President Michael Sata that civil servants should not talk about the constitution instead they should ignore those who talk about the constitution because according to him, the current constitution is a very good document.

This is the same man who heavily campaigned against the current constitution prior to his election as Republican President, saying it was a defective document that could not guarantee development, the rule of law transparency and accountability and a clear separation of power among the Three Arms of Government because it gave sweeping powers to the Executive Arm of Government.
It has now become very clear that when President Sata went to Parliament in 2011 and made a solemn announcement  that  he would deliver a people driven Constitution within 90 days; and went as  far  as appointing The Technical  Committee  to draft the new Constitution it was all “Shinga  Butter  a political gimmick to  hoodwink and  fool Zambians to believe that he meant well  and  that he was serious on delivering  a people driven Constitution.
What has happened should serve as a lesson to all Zambians that we should seriously scrutinize the character of those who aspire for leadership because it is shameful and unacceptable to have leaders who do the exact opposite of what they say.
As FDD we wish to remind His Excellence that the issue of the constitution is beyond him; he cannot stop the people from giving themselves a Constitution because by its very nature, the Constitution is a people generated document and not a one man generated document regardless of one’s position and status in society.
It is time for him to seriously reconsider his conduct on this matter and ensure that he puts himself on the right side of history.
President Sata should not forget that he is occupying State House on temporal basis. He is simply a tenant and the real owners of State House are the ordinary people he is today toying with. He should not forget that no matter what happens in 2016 or beyond he will be made to account for his stay in State House when he leaves that office. Let him take a leaf from what he is doing to Rupiah Banda and what happened to Kaunda and Chiluba. Power is temporal hence it should be used with caution.
Prepared and issued by:
Antonio Mwanza, FDD Spokesperson