Sata is an intelligent man says Munkombwe

Politics of benefits, newly appointed Minister of Southern province Daniel Munkombwe has described his appointing authority Michael Sata as an ‘intelligent man.’

Munkombwe who was last week sworn in and later revealed that he was in government to eat says he had no doubt that President Michael Sata would provide the development that the country needs so much. He goes on to praise Sata as an experienced and wise politician who will develop Zambia.

The Southern province Minister says he would not be deterred by the opposition in Southern province to ensure that people in the area benefits from President Sata’s development. He said the people of Southern province which is under the control of the opposition UPND must share part of the cake provided by the current government.

Munkombwe has urged the MPs in the province who are all from UPND apart from one to put politics aside and work with his office to develop their various constituencies.

Former Minister of Southern province Joyce Limata has urged Munkombwe to ensure that he works with all stakeholders to unit the province.