Sata hits at Nevers, but MMD leader says Chibesakunda must go campaign will be launched

President Michael Sata has advised MMD President Nevers Mumba to stop his ill attacks on the Judiciary.

The President said  Dr. Mumba attacks on the Judiciary and the Supreme Court in particular are unfortunate but not surprising. He said Dr. Mumba has distinguished himself as an inconsistent clergyman who supports wrong things as long as it rewards him the possibility of personal sustenance.

President Sata said Dr. Mumba is acting like a mouth for hire but denouncing the Judiciary over what the President said is standing up against corruption. He also described as ridiculous the MMD President’s compliant that the Judiciary is targeting the opposition.

He said Dr. Mumba must realise that launching irrational and verbal attacks on the Judiciary, he is petitioning his competence as a leader. He has since advised the opposition leader to concentrate on resolving the internal problems facing the former ruling party rather than attacking the judiciary.

Sata said Dr. Mumba as someone who aspires to lead the country, he must  learn to respect the judiciary.This is according to a statement released on Tuesday  by President’s Sata Spokesperson George Chellah. Dr. Mumba is demanding the resignation of Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda for what he termed that she is planted to nullify the opposition seats.

And Dr. Mumba who also featured on Let the People Talk Programme on Tuesday has revealed that the opposition will launch a programme in the coming days aimed at making the Chief Justice resign.He argued that the Acting Chief Justice is not eligible to be in that office as she is passed her retirement age.