Sata has violated the law by engaging Mpezeni to be his ‘Campaign Manager’ – FODEP

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has expressed concerns at the continued violation of the constitution and electoral code of conduct by the President.

And FODEP has charged that Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province could have been charged for engaging in politics if the aplication of the law was not selective.

FODEP Executive Director Mcdonald Chipenzi said President Michael Sata has continued to violate the constitution by engaging in unacceptable conducts during the campaigns.

He told Zambian Eye in an interview on Monday July 22, 2013 that it is sad that the President who swore to uphold the constitution is making chiefs to be campaign managers in the by elections. He adds that

President Sata should lead by example in observing the law in the by elections. He said Article 29 of the constitution prohibits chiefs from engaging in politics but notes that the President was in the forefront parading them to campaign for the ruling party candidate.

Chipenzi who cited Paramount Chief Mpezeni said it is also wrong for the traditional leader to take sides in politics. He challenged the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to censure the traditional leader for campaigning for a particular candidate.Chipenzi said ECZ has been airing messages in the media against such vices stating that it should now take step and reprimand him.

He observed that there is selective application of the law stating that the Chief would have have been visited by the law if he was working with the opposition.

Chipenzi has since called for level headedness from politicians in the conducts of the campaigns.
He said it is not in anyone’s interest that the country could continue especially a number of by election through nullification because people are not respecting the law

The FODEP Director said politicians need to do alot in ensuring that they respect the laws and make sure that the country’s electoral process is respected.