Sata has kept his word on most campaign promises – Mushota

THOSE wishing President Michael Sata sick and dead are satanists who are inviting God’s wrath because He is the one keeping the head of state alive, says Senior Chief Mushota.

And chief Mushota says President Sata has kept his word by delivering on most of the promises he made during his campaigns for presidency in 2011.

In an interview in Kawambwa, chief Mushota of the Chishinga people said only those practising satanism would wish President Sata dead.

He said God was with President Sata and would keep him alive.

Chief Mushota said the poor people who voted for President Sata were always praying for his good health and God was listening to their prayers.

“In fact, the President is very active,” he said. “In fact only satanists will rejoice when someone is sick. It is unZambian and unAfrican to wish somebody sick or dead. As a traditional leader, I feel pity for people who pray for other people’s sickness and death,” he said.