Sata directs ZRA to give the corrupt company contract to operate border scanners

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) have signed a contract with Bradwell International to enable them operate the scanners at Nakonde border post and share the earned resources on a 50 percent basis to operate.

Bradwell International is the same company president Michael Sata accused his predecessor Rupiah Banda of having corruptly awarded a contract to a bogus company to operate the scanners to the tune of K4 billion which was deemed a scam then.

One of President Sata’s revelations to the public on assuming office was that ZRA was about to pay K4 billion to a company that was corruptly contracted by the person who occupied his office (Mr. Rupiah Banda).

He alleged that this bogus company was not doing any work and only had white men taking photos of trucks at Nakonde.