Sata Causes a Scene at State House

After disappearing from public view for more than six weeks and reviving rumours of ill health, Zambian President Michael Sata made a brief appearance before a select audience at State House to swear in Permanent Secretary Kaiser Zulu.

The event was short lived, however, as the president caused a tense and awkward scene as he blasted a functionary over his duties before retiring abruptly and refusing any comments to the media.

The target of President Sata’s ire was Foreign Affairs Minister Effron Lungu, whom the president said had made the mistake of copying other high ranking officials on an official letter to him.

Sata said correspondence between him and any other government officials were “secret” and should not be copied to other cabinet members.

“If you write a letter to me and you copy it to other people I will not act on it but will shred it,” Sata thundered before his startled audience while tearing up the document.