Sata calls for sacrifice

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has called for sacrifice among Zambians.

And President Sata says Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Grey Zulu were disciplinarians.

During the inter-denominational thanksgiving service to commemorate the Africa Freedom Day and 50th anniversary of the African Union, President Sata wondered why some people did not want him to remove fuel and maize consumption subsidies when the majority of Zambians were suffering.

“What we are trying to do is that if you are a student or a politician, you need to explain to the people why poor people should continue suffering, people in the village. Some of you have never been to the village. They are suffering; they have no water, and you want subsidies,” he said.

“You want me to be buying fuel for Mr Mwanambale. Mr Mwanambale bought a vehicle and you want me to be subsidising for his fuel. These diplomats, when they come here, they start laughing at us.