Sata Bows to Pressure on ‘Disaster’ Stadium

President Michael Sata has bowed to public pressure that dominated social media on the name of the Lusaka stadium which was initially announced as Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium but will now be officially known as Heroes National Stadium.

The development comes a few hours after Vice President Guy Scott defended the naming of Lusaka stadium as Gabon Disaster Heroes National Stadium during a parliamentary session on Friday morning.

The PF leadership attempted to be insensitive to the public outcry that was increasing in all quarters.

Dr Scott’s defence of the name which attracted mocking of the Patriotic Front government came just a day after sports minister Chishimba Kambwili arrogantly told those oppossed to the ‘Disaster’ name to live with it as the decision was final.

But public pressure had continue to mount with majority Zambians wondering how the entire Cabinet would approve a mouthful of a name for a stadium with a completely wrong message.